Monday, July 06, 2009

Best Silly Dungeon

Back in May, I submitted my entry for the One Page Dungeon Contest. I was intrigued several factors:
  • The one-page format. I love the challenge, like my 200 Words essays, of condensing the essence of something into a minimal space.
  • The "edition-less format." Since I haven't actually made a dungeon for D&D in ages, I could keep it system agnostic.
  • "Submitting a dungeon to the contest releases it under the Creative Common Share-alike license (US 2008) with credit to the contest participant." Many other "contests," which force the participants to sign over the copyrights of their submissions to the contest owners or publishers, are really just scams to get other people to provide content for free. Clearly, that was not the case here.
After a day or so, I came up with a central concept: making a dungeon based on a classic video game. My biggest challenge beyond making the map was filling the entire page with what was essentially a one-line joke whose punchline is given away by the map. Thanks go out to Matt Helms, who helped with some constructive feedback.

And now, if you look through the list of winners, you'll find my name after "Best Silly Dungeon." Which is exactly what I was going for. Rather than the standard prize of D&D 4th Edition modules (for which I have absolutely no use), I'll be getting a $20 gift certificate for Drivethrurpg. I have uploaded my entry, the MAZE of NAMCAP. The compiled PDF of winners can be found here.

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